Прошивка android 4.4 samsung galaxy s2

And install other 3 files by following instruction at xda website. Ok tnx i downloaded this from samfirmware open europe i tried also with russian version and its the same… works really fine better batery life smoth menu but ok i will wait for some other. I find the solution for this problem in a portuguese site http: the problem is a corrupted file.

Oh right, i read the instructions and step 1 -3 i cannot do as the phone wont boot and it just stays on the yellow triangle page until i turn it off.

I instald nearly 50 firmware on my phone and this is a first time to have a problem like this. I have read that the imei is the issue but i can not seem to grasp what is needed to be done exactly. There is no csc just one file so can u pls give me link to indian ics firmware doesnt matter if its 4. I already write down the command but nothing happen… i want to ask: after install terminal emulator need use superuser apk 2. Jeremy lin injury update: bams sadewo sade has an addiction, and it is incurable.

However the leaked rom for the galaxy s2 is the samsung galaxy s2 can. But will my phone be hard bricked if did this or it is safe.

And you mentioned s2 is only gonna get value pack instead of 4. Is there a way i could actually bypass this screen or get rid of the triangle? I updated and now when i am on the phone and i get a notificaiton in it beeps in my ear.

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